sound wave therapy

Welcome to Sound Wave Therapy ...

Sound Wave Therapy via the Physioacoustic Chair, is now being widely used by individual clients, within the medical field, spas and the leisure industry. Sound Wave Therapy offers through body massage, pain relief, stress reduction and total relaxation. The physioacoustic chair, has a range of medical approvals. These include, FDA listing, BSi and European ISO 9001. The methodology involves use of low frequency sound, working in synergy with the natural resonance of individual body cells. This offers a non-invasive "hands free" massage, which just has to be experienced to be fully understood.

The Physioacoustic Chair may be used as a stand alone therapy for individual use or as part of a Sound Wave Therapy Relaxation Room, as used at Seaham Hall.

Offering relief from:

sound wave Painful joints, back and skin problems, resulting from arthritis, injury or general wear and tear.
Muscle tension and reduced function and mobility from the stresses of daily living.
Reducing the signs and symptoms of high blood pressure.
Offering improvement in the circulation and reduced water retention.
Lowering anxiety and stress levels by achieving total relaxation of mind, body and spirit.